How to Choose an RV Adapted to Your Needs

Truck Camper

Pricing (brand new): 15,000$-90,000$
Length: 3,7 à 6,1 meters / 12 à 20 foot
Sleeps up to: 6

The truck camper or slide-in truck camper is compactly designed so that it can be loaded on the platform of a pickup truck, but can also be detached and stand on its own jacks independently. Some models are completely winterized and have extensions adding beds or additional storage. Its compact size also facilitates travel within the city or off-road trails and allows you to tow a moto, a horse trailer, a boat, and more!

carave portée

Tent Trailer

Pricing (brand new): 10,000$-25,000$
Length: 4,6 to 7 meters / 15 to 23 foot
Sleeps up to: 8

The tent trailer is the entry-level RV for outdoor enthusiasts, allowing a more comfortable fresh-air experience at low cost. Its sides fold so it can easily be towed and stored.

tente roulotte

Hybrid Travel Trailer

Pricing (brand new): 12,000$-35,000$ ***
Length: 5,8 to 8,8 meters / 19 to 29 foot
Sleeps up to: 8

The hybrid travel trailer, also known as hybrid caravan or expandable travel trailer, is a cross between a tent trailer and a classic caravan. It can easily be towed by most SUVs and its sides unfold to turn into sleeping spaces.

caravane hybride

Classic Caravan

Pricing (brand new): 15,000$-110,000$
Length: 3,7 à 10,7 meters / 12 to 35 foot
Sleeps up to: 10

The classic caravan, also known as conventional caravan/travel trailer, is designed to be towed by an SUV or a van. Providing more comfort and amenities than a tent trailer, and can also be detached from the vehicle and permanently installed on a campground or a trailer park. It generally includes two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and an entertainment center.

caravane classique

Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer

Pricing (brand new): 25,000$-170,000$
Length: 4,6 to 7 meters / 15 to 23 foot
Sleeps up to: 8

The Fifth Wheel or FW/Fiver is a spacious bi-level unit offering additional storage space or a master bedroom over the truck bed. Some models even offer up to four slide-up sections, creating larger living areas. This RV has been designed to be towed by pickups with a special hitch.

Fifth Wheel

Park Model Trailer

Pricing (brand new): 30,000$-120,000$ ***
Length: 9,8 to 12,5 meters / 32 to 41 foot
Sleeps up to: 10

The park model trailer is the most spacious RV type and offers a large living area and plenty of storage space. Although it can be completely winterized, it is generally used seasonally and on a single site.Their owners must comply with the CSA Z-240 and CSA Z-241 Canada safety standards regarding mobile homes and recreational vehicles.

roulotte de parc

Cargo Caravan

Pricing (brand new): 20,000$-160,000$ ***
Length: 5,8 to 11,9 meters / 19 to 39 foot
Sleeps up to: 8

The cargo caravan is the perfect RV for off-road vehicles, motos, and other VTTs’ lovers. Also called toy hauler, it includes a folding ramp and enough space to carry one VTT while you can enjoy the classical caravan facilities.

roulotte cargo

Class A Motorhome

Pricing (brand new): 20,000$-160,000$ ***
Length: 5,8 to 11,9 meters / 19 to 39 foot
Sleeps up to: 8

The Class A Motorhome is the most spacious and expensive recreational vehicle. With this RV, you can travel in total comfort: cozy bedroom(s), entertainment center, complete kitchen and bathroom, central air conditioning and heating, and more! You can even carry a small vehicle, a boat, or a golf cart at the back. Driving a Class A does not usually require a special driver’s license, but some models with air brakes require a class 3F license.

motorisé classe A

Class B Motorhome

Pricing (brand new): 70,000$-150,000$ ***
Length: 4,9 to 6,4 meters / 16 to 21 foot
Sleeps up to: 4

Also called camper van, the class B motorhome is built from a raised roof van and can be parked in a regular parking space. This easy to drive vehicle can tow a boat or even a small car. Furthermore, every corner of the class B motorhome has been designed to maximized the living and storage space.

Class C Motorhome

Pricing (brand new): 60,000$-200,000$ ***
Length: 6,4 to 10,7 meters / 21 to 35 foot
Sleeps up to: 8

The class c motorhome is built from a car framework with a van cabin. It is especially known by the additional storage space over the vehicle cab. Some models have sliding sections maximizing the living space.

motoris classe b

*** This RV type is not sold by VR Évolution. Consignment, resale, and non-mechanical maintenance services are however offered.

NOUVEL ARRIVAGE: les roulottes Lance sont maintenant arrivées chez VR Évolution // New arrival - Lance trailers are now available at VR Évolution.