The camping season is approaching? It’s time to prepare your RV!

Once the snow melts and the good weather returns, you probably start thinking about your next outdoor getaways and your summer vacation. In order for your recreational vehicle to follow you safely throughout the camping season, it is important to prepare it well and check certain details before setting off. With our tips and tricks, you will fully enjoy every moment of escape with your RV.

The spring opening of your RV

Before even thinking of preparing your travel trailer or truck camper for the nice weather, make sure that the frost period is over because opening too early could damage some parts. When spring is back for good, it’s time to prepare the water circuits in order to eliminate the antifreeze fluid placed in your RV for the winter period. You must also install the drain plug on the water heater and place the valve on the back of the heater to summer mode. When the water starts filling the water heater, do not forget to leave a valve open inside to let the air evacuate with ease. Also remember to connect the battery and confirm the correct operation of all devices such as the refrigerator, air conditioner, lights, and the smoke, propane, and carbon monoxide detectors.

The details to check in the spring

Since no one likes to be caught off guard in the middle of their vacation, it is important to check some things on your RV as soon as spring arrives. First of all, make sure there is no water or propane leaks, both for the inner and outer pipes. Also, check the condition of all sealants applied on and around the roof of the vehicle. Stay on the lookout for any traces of mold to eliminate it quickly. On the mechanical side, it is strongly recommended to check the brakes, the condition and the pressure of the tires, the wheels, the traction system and, finally, all the outside flashers.

Now that you are prepared, your RV will be ready to follow you in all your adventures! Would you like more information about the spring opening of your recreational vehicle? Do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists who will answer all your questions with pleasure.

NOUVEL ARRIVAGE: les roulottes Lance sont maintenant arrivées chez VR Évolution // New arrival - Lance trailers are now available at VR Évolution.